A New Day, A New Way

To my handful of loyal readers – thank you!  I have grown dissatisfied with WordPress, in particular it’s limited reach and the fact that many people who I invite to follow swear they never received my emails, while others have and do.  I am exploring other formats that can be accessed and spread more widely, and will include you in that effort when I do.

I like the format Nicholas Kristoff, one of my favorite op ed writers, uses in the NY Times.  He begins with a summary of recent relevant news and then appends his biweekly column to it.  I plan to do that, once a week (since I’m not paid), in two parts.  Look for the weekly summary soon, titled “Inequality Week,” followed by the column, still “Inequality Kills.”

Thanks for following and, as always, feel free to leave likes or comments, so I know someone is paying attention.  A writer writes to be read; otherwise, it’s just intellectual masturbation.



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